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Kinda (But Not Really) An Update

Okay in the past few...weeks/days, the gents have been crushing various venues and are now in California. They played at the Miss Teen USA Pageant (it was awesome, go YouTube it if you didn't see it), their cover of "Magic" from the Wizards of Waverly Place movie is on iTunes and...I think that is everything major. Anyway, I'm headed to Sacramento tomorrow for the World Tour show and all the fun festivities the gents have planned beforehand (Verizon In-Store, Bandslam screening. I'll try to make both but they overlap) if there is no Road Dogs game (sorry,  softball trumps in-store). If you feel the want/need to know what is going on, follow me on Twitter. And if you're going...I'll be the crazily dressed one (you'll know when you see) so feel free to come find me.
Dearest Members,

Unfortunately, life is hectic and as a result updates are going to be few and probably far between. I'm moving twice in the next 7 weeks; once is out of the country so I'm rushing around trying to get my visa paperwork filled out and pack everything up as well as work. I apologize for this. I will update as often as possible and hopefully see some of you in Sacramento, LA and Phoenix (fortunately, one of my moves happens to be along the tour route so I'm hitting up as much as possible). Feel free to post any news, reviews, videos, pictures, links or anything Honor Society related.

Real quick...gents are giving away 10 tickets to 3 screenings of Bandslam. You  have to be a fan club member and check the fanclub site for details. The Las Vegas Full Moon Crazy show has been canceled, but tickets will be refunded and they will be doing something in lew of the show. Where Are You Now is available on iTunes, and there was a live chat on Tuesday that I'm sure is on YouTube if you didn't catch it. Cincinnati Full Moon Crazy has also been canceled and the Cleveland venue has been changed.

Jul. 18th, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah, I was MIA again

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Tomorrow the gents have a FMC in Farmingdale, NY (They are gonna be Full Moon Crazy Donkey!)...kay bye

Early post today because a) I forgot yesterday and b) I'll be jamming out at Demi Lovato's concert later. (And don't forget ya'll can post news if I mysteriously disappear)

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K. Think that is all. Gents have a performance at Six Flags in NJ today, and tomorrow they hit up Boston.


Gents are tearing up New Jersey tonight
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And I think that is it. Tomorrow they will be...opening in New Jersey again!

Gents are currently partaking in a Full Moon Crazy show (and apparently JB is there)

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And tomorrow, Gents be opening in East Rutherford, NJ.
The Gents be in DC

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Gents don't have an official show tonight, but tomorrow they are opening for the World Tour and having a FMC after party.

So much to cover...Gents had a World Tour show in  Chicago tonight

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MMMkaaay I think that is all. Except for one thing. Tomorrow. Noon (or 1, people keep sayin different things). House of Blues. Chicago. The Full Moon Crazy Tour kicks off! WHOOO. WHO'S EXCITED?! I know I am. Gents will also be opening later that night.

Random question for anyone that has been to a concert or watched concert videos. When HS is opening, do they stay in the middle of the stage or use the catwalks? (I'm hoping it's the latter or I will have to made friends with security so they let me move up)


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So I'm gonna go...take a chill pill. okaybye Ha. JK. Look what just popped up on Bop and TigerBeat's Twitter! Skip to 2:00 for your first listen of Honor Society's cover of "Magic" on the Wizards soundtrack

I'm baaaack

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I'm going to go catch up on sleep now. I wish. More like unpack and do laundry. Have an awesome day