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Hey Y'all! Just some quick news before I run off to work.

As most of you know our boys are in Dan Siego ( San Diego) today! If anyone's there I would head on over to Fashion Valley Mall since Jason just updated his Twitter 30 minutes ago saying they were heading that way! 

They seem to also be planning a PPP so keep checking those Tweets!

Jason's Twitter
Andy's Twitter
Mike's Twitter
Alex's Twitter

They'll also be on the radio for you lucky listeners too and thank you to Andrew's twitter for the info! They shall be on 103.7FM at 3pm PST! And they'll be on 93.3 FM at 7:45 PM PST! So tune it whether online or on the real radio!

On a side note, I ordered my ALO bracelete and I'm wicked excited to get it! lol!

Annnddd anyone out there who understands all this techy savvy web design stuff AND has a love for Honor Society should make us an Honor Society theme for our page! We would very much appreciate it :)

No Duh

PS: Andrew loves the escalators at Fashion Valley Mall according to his Tweet.

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